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Pueblo Airport, situated six miles east of Pueblo, Colorado on the dynamic Front Range, is currently expanding its facilities with a new state-of-the-art corporate hangar and 16 custom sites to be built in three phases. With 40 acres available for this development and ample expansion opportunities beyond, Pueblo Airport is able to offer tenants maximum flexibility in design and layout of their space. Easy access is a key benefit of all of the properties under development. All sites have direct taxiway access to the Airport's runways, in addition to being adjacent to U.S. Highway 50 and five miles from Interstate Highway 25, the region's main north-south artery.

New Corporate Hanger:
The new 22,500 square foot Pueblo Airport corporate hangar, the first structure for the Phase I, has the capacity to house up to a Boeing 737 aircraft (or equivalent). Another 4,000 square feet of attached office space will accompany the hangar structure and can be customized for the tenant. Construction on this hangar is complete except for tenant finish.

Outstanding Airfield Facilities:

  • Runways - 3 runways (north, south, and east west) with 10,496 feet 8L/26R capable of handling aircraft up to 250,000 lbs. All taxiways resurfaced with new lighting installed in 2004.
  • FAA Air Traffic Control Tower - terminal radar approach control (TRACAB). Next generation ASR-l 1 digital radar installed in 2007.
  • Navigational Aids - ASR (Airport Surveillance Radar), VOR, and ILS, MALSR, PAPI and GPS.
  • 24 Hour Fire Station - airport rescue fire-fighting on site, Index C capabilities.
  • National Weather Service - on site with NEXRAD and AWOS.
  • Three FBOs including Peak Aviation, Rocky Mountain FBO and Flower Aviation ranked by Pro Pilot Magazine as the number one FBO in the nation for 2004.
  • Convenient Airport Facilities - including terminal, restaurant, and rental car services.
  • 100LL Self-Service - 24 hour fueling operation.

Pueblo Airport's highly desirable geographic location south of Denver and Colorado Springs congested metropolitan area provides a variety of significant added benefits for those businesses choosing to locate here.

Great Benefits:

  • Low Air Traffic Density - less than 115,000 operations per year making the facility ideal for flight testing and instruction.
  • Outstanding Flying Weather - over 300 days of sunshine annually keeping the airport open year-round.
  • Mild to Moderate Temperatures - only 31 inches of snow yearly keeping runways clear and operational.
  • Prestigious Aviation Tenants - including companies such as Adam Aircraft, Boeing Aerospace Division, Goodrich carbon brake division and DOSS Aviation.
  • Competitive Landing and Ramp Fees - lower rates than both Colorado Springs and Denver airports. No landing fees for aircraft less than 25,000 lbs.
  • Room to Expand Your Business - over 1,000 acres available for business growth and development.
  • Great Mid-Continent Location - excellent stop-over for bi-coastal businesses needing a convenient place to refuel and operate.

Pueblo Economic Development Corporation , PEDCO, is a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting businesses that establish new operations in the Pueblo, Colorado area. PEDCO was formed in 1981 with the mission to expand and diversify Pueblo's economic base. In 1984 Pueblo voters approved an economic development sales tax to provide incentives to businesses that will bring new primary jobs to the area. The tax remains in place today and substantial tax receipts are available as incentives to participate in certain capital projects and equipment purchases for new corporate neighbors.

PEDCO has created over 16,000 new jobs, and has helped over 60 companies establish operations in Pueblo.
With PEDCO's personal attention and assistance, many diverse businesses in the Pueblo Airport Industrial Park have directly benefited from financial incentive packages including:

  • Adam Aircraft
  • Agalite Bath Enclosures
  • Air Products & Chemicals
  • Atlas Pacific
  • Boeing
  • DOSS Aviation
  • Eupec RMS
  • Goodrich Corporation
  • Kurt Manufacturing
  • Trinity Packaging
  • Stonecraft
  • Swift Transportation
  • Target Distribution
  • Timberline Steel

By working closely with City County and State elected officials PEDCO can help your business take advantage of the great development opportunities at Pueblo Airport and Industrial Park.

We invite you to contact Dan Centa, President of Pueblo Economic Development Corporation to learn more about specific business growth opportunities and incentives in Pueblo, Colorado.

The Pueblo Airport, including the adjacent Industrial Park, has become highly desirable as a flight arid aviation maintenance educational facility The following programs have recently been added to the list of already established organizations that use the Pueblo Airport advantage:

United States Air force (USAF) Primary Training Facility
A privately owned company, Doss Aviation, has been awarded the consolidated USAF Initial Flight Screening (IFS) contract. It is expected that 1300-1700 students per year will live and train at this facility located adjacent to the Airport in the Industrial Park. Doss Aviation and the City of Pueblo together provide strengthened support to compete nationally and locally for federal and state funding to continually enhance facility infrastructure, improve safety and upgrade navigational aides.

Masters of Industrial Engineering

As part of the Colorado State College System, Colorado State University (CSU)-Pueblo, located just 3 miles from the Airport, offers a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering.

By working closely with the City County State and local colleges, your business can take advantage of the great training and educational opportunities at the Pueblo Airport and local campus' and may be the key benefit to a successful, long-term operation.

Travel Tips

Time Recommendation
It is recommended that you arrive at the airport 1 hour prior to your departure time.

The Screening Experience
Everyone who travels by air goes through airport security checkpoints. These checkpoints are operated by Transportation Security Officers from the Transportation Security Administration. The checkpoints are there to make sure that terrorists can't bring anything aboard the plane that would enable them to take it over or destroy it. These are called “prohibited items” and cannot be brought to a checkpoint, into the secure area of an airport, or aboard an aircraft. For a complete list of permitted and prohibited items , click here . Not only do all passengers go through checkpoints, their checked baggage is also screened. It's a good idea to prepare before you arrive at the airport so that you move more quickly and efficiently through the security process. Here are some suggestions to help make the process as smooth as possible.

What you need
Keep your airline boarding pass and government-issued photo ID available until exiting the security checkpoint (children are not required to show identification). The absence of proper identification will result in additional screening.

Keep Your Experience Simple
SimpliFLY Your Carry-Ons
Take metal items such as keys, loose change, mobile phones, pagers and personal digital assistants (PDAs) out of your pockets. Put these in your carry-on, or in a plastic bag. This keeps lines moving and your experience more pleasant. Try to avoid wearing anything with metal, clothing, jewelry or other accessories that contain metal such as, heavy jewelry, clothing with metal buttons or snaps, belt buckles or under-wire bras.

Pack your coats and jackets in your baggage when possible. All coats and jackets that you are carrying must go through the X-ray machine for inspection. If you choose to wear an outer coat or jacket to the checkpoint, you will need to either pack it in your carry-on baggage or put it in one of the bins we provide.

You may be additionally screened because of hidden items such as body piercings, which alarmed the metal detector. If you are selected for additional screening, you may ask to remove your body piercing in private as an alternative to a pat-down search.

Travel Tips To Make Your Screening Experience Hassle-free
The secret to getting through security smoothly is to de-clutter your carry-on bag. This lets the Transportation Security Officers get a clear, uncomplicated X-ray image of your carry-on. When possible, keep packing liquids in checked baggage. You will get through security faster. Limit quantities to what is needed for the duration of the flight.

For more information on the screening process, click here .

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